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Terms and conditions

1. We reserve the right to use your personal/legal information for the invoice.

2. We reserve the right to use sales order information, such as the number of orders placed by you, to demonstrate numbers on the website. product sales on our website.

3. Main commercial terms offered to customers

4. We will ask you to evaluate our product to display on the website and social networks

5. We reserve the right to change and modify the terms without prior notice.

6. Retention of the right to change the offer

7. Contact Information

8. Law preference and dispute resolution

9. Right to suspend or cancel the member account

10. Intellectual property, copyrights and logos

11. Warranties and liability for services and products

12. Limitation of Liability

13. Indemnity

14. The OziVR team is not responsible for developing or updating software related to this project. Our job is to build and distribute functional hardware so that users can enjoy Full Body Tracking technology.

Customer service

Contact by our email:

Chat on the website (bottom right)

Instagram ( @ozivr_brasil )

Privacy and Security

1. We will collect sales number information

2. We will collect this information in sales on the website system

3. We collect this information to show the number of product sales on our website. with that this information will be useful for the transparency and trust to the consumer in our site.

4. We store site member information in the database. With this, we will not disclose the person's personal information.


Payment methods

- Credit/Debit Cards


- Pix

- Mercado Pago (Boleto, Paypal, account balance, pix, Bank Transfer, Installments, Boleto and Credit and Debit Card)

- Bank transfer

- Ticket

Formas de Pagamento
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