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Shipping & Warranty Policy

After purchase, Ozi has 5 days to send your product to the post office. Does not apply to pre-sales, only to launch.

1 We send 2 bracelets for free so there are no problems.

1.1 We have the return fee system too, which is worth $9.80 USD, which the buyer has a 3 month warranty.

We do not cover returns for the following reasons:

1. Product with burnt chip due to liquid

1.1 Improper use of the product

1.2 Product burned by exposure to high temperatures

1.3 Broken product

1.4. Warranty violated

1.5. thefts and robberies


We refund the amount paid by KOFI, but we do not pay for sending the refund to the company for international purchases

Return and Exchange Policy

1. Return requests, in case of regret, dissatisfaction or withdrawal, must be made within 7 days of receiving the product.


1.1 The Request must be made DIRECTLY via Discord chat or email.


1.2 Requests made after 7 days do not guarantee a refund of the amount paid, as stated in the CDC.


1.3 Free return shipping, all your money will be refunded.

2 After collecting data and supporting information, the applicant will have up to 5 business days to send the product by mail.


2.1 If the returned product is not shipped within the deadline, the ticket will be closed and support will contact you.


2.2 After the package has been sent, it will take up to 120 days to refund the amount paid. Refund being made to the paying account, or as requested via support.

3 Once payment is confirmed, the package will be sent in the next shipment.


3.1 All packages are sent within a maximum of 5 days.


3.2 After shipment by the carrier, the delivery time is at the expense of the carrier.


3.3 Ozi reserves the right to postpone the shipping date in case of weekends, holidays or external factors.

4. We only pay for refund shipping in Brazil, for purchases outside Brazil the customer is responsible for shipping the product to the company.

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